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Our Hacks [Terms & Regulation]

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Our Hacks [Terms & Regulation]

Post by Khai229 on Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:03 pm

Terms & Regulation for the use of our hacks tools and Forums!

Users [Terms & Regulation]
(Please read.Any disobeying of the below will result to your account being banned!)
- You can only download the hacks if you are registered into our forums.If not you won't be able to!

- You are only to use this for fun and scamming!

- Do not over-use any of the hacks issued or it may result to a ban in your game!

- The hacks you have downloaded may have failed,please check your anti-virus,if it is enabled,disable it then retry your installation!After that,you can enable your Anti-Virus again!

- We are not responsible for any bans in your game!

- If the hack tool doesn't work,check if you have received the correct version as your game is!If it is but it is still not working,contact the Owner of this Forums.

- Report bugs and faulty hacks at our THREADS only!Reporting at other sources will be ignored by us!

- We spend our time trying to find hacks for you which will work so keep in mind that we are here not to send you viruses.

- Any Vulgarities used in the chat or your names will result your account into either being muted or banned so be aware of these warnings!

Forum Staff [Terms & Regulation]

You can contribute ideas and hacks but please do not upload viruses to these forum!It will immediately put you into an IP-Banned and Account Banned!So be careful!You are only promoted because we find your ideas intresting and can help users in gameplay or so!

Game Moderators/Staff [Message to them]

Sorry if you find this content disturbing to your game.If so,feel free to contact the Owner to remove any of the hacks!And also,hacks arrive early so just be prepared game developers and staffs!We are only here to contribute our ways of gameplay to your players/users if they want it!So its not up to you to decide.Its the players decision!

Thank you to those who have spent their time to look through the terms and regulations for users and other ranks!You are now free to register/login and download what you think will help you in your gameplay!Have fun and have a great day

- Khai [Developer/Owner]

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