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SB GameHacker 3.1(Android) (ROOT REQUIRED) (Link Updated)

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SB GameHacker 3.1(Android) (ROOT REQUIRED) (Link Updated)

Post by Khai229 on Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:57 am

SB Game Hacker (You can use this to hack any games on Mobile)

Download Link (Updated to ALT) 1kJ17lv
How to use this for Growtopia?


1. Open SBGH

2. Open Growtopia

3. Login to Growtopia and make sure you have atleast 1 gem or your game will crash your entire system.

4. Type in your gem number

5. Earn just 1 more gem or more

6. From (old gem value) into (after earning 1+ gems)

7. Click/Press "Modify Now"

8. Type the value you want your gems to change into.

9. After that,earn 1 more gem and Voilla!You have

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